Sacred Garden 2016 – A Performance Art Project

Watch a video-summary of this performance! (30 min of a 1.5 hour show) :


Sacred Garden 2016 is an outdoor performance art experience centering stories of womanhood. This intergenerational and multicultural ensemble includes Rachael Bird, Maryam Houshyar, Filsan Ibrahim, Zea Leguizamon, Lula Saleh, Simone Rendon, Vidhya Shanker, Sarojini Pokawa, and Star Williams. We share our life-passages through improvised movement and poetry, featuring live music by Douglas Ewart and Ana Begej. Masked creatures, puppetry, and Butoh Dance evoke dreamlike scenes of a modern fairytale. Directed by Malia Burkhart. Co-sponsored by Pangea WorldTheater. This project is supported by Forecast Public Art with funding from The McKnight Foundation and audience donations.
Performances: Saturday October 1, Friday October 7, and Saturday October 8, 2016. at 7pm. Meet at 10th Avenue and 34th Street in Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis. Performances are outdoors: Plese dress for the weather.

To increase our audience-accessibility, we will have Spanish translation available on October 1, and ASL translation available on October 8. This is a performance that walks from place to place, within a total distance of one city block. If you have difficulty standing for 10 min at a time, please bring a lawnchair or blanket to sit on. We will have a limited number of lawnchairs available onsite. If you have special physical access needs, please contact our stage manager at:
The Forecast grant funded 2/3 of the costs for this project. We ask you to support our work through a donation, in person or online at :
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“We are a creative, authentic, loving crew of women with stories to tell from a wide range of experiences. We are excited to share our stories with you! Also, Malia’s vision and artistry are delicious, moving, beyond words — images, light, the beautiful park at dusk, stories and dance, music — This is a celebration of being alive, of being here, of being together. Can’t wait to share it with you.” — Rachael Bird

“There is something about working with women from all backgrounds and ages and watching them and thinking “wow she is amazing, wow that story is thoughtful, I wish I was. . . ” And then the real thought happens of “I am just as amazing, powerful, and adored”  What does that mean and how do I share that with each person who sees us tell our woman stories.”   — Simone Rendon