Video Poem: Reflections

Dance, Videography, and Poetry by Malia Burkhart. All Rights Reserved 2009.
Music by Ghost 7.

Summer Solstice, 2009
Malia Burkhart
on the other side of perception is a pond
where image meets reality
and the rain falls softly
on the smooth and changing underbelly
of possible worlds
we pretend we are not here
we pretend we cannot see
we pretend we can disappear
and have no effect on reality
the surface of the water
is always changing
as one molecule slides
beneath the other
I spin a thread of moments
I locate my position by my memory
we purposefully ignore the past
because there are wounds
we wish to forget
we are afraid
of the pain
and so wounding
our spirit suffers
and is reflected all around us
but no one has ever done anything terrible
we are whole
we are lost
we are learning
to accept, with open eyes
all that we have been
all that we may yet become
and we are on our way
toward remembering
who we are