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Communion – A Puppet Film by Malia Araki Burkhart

This film describes a spiritual journey¬†through symbols and sounds. What happens when we release rigid beliefs, and open to other truths? What traumas did my ancestors experience, in the expansion of Christianity? How can I hold and heal these ancestors’ stories?

Copyright 2022-2023 by Malia Araki Burkhart
Executive Producer: Monkeybear’s Harmolodic Workshop
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Sacred Garden 2016 – A Performance Art Project


Sacred Garden (2016) was an outdoor performance art experience centering stories of womanhood. This intergenerational and multicultural ensemble included Rachael Bird, Maryam Houshyar, Filsan Ibrahim, Zea Leguizamon, Lula Saleh, Simone Rendon, Vidhya Shanker, Sarojini Pokawa, and Star Williams. We shared our life-passages through improvised movement and storytelling, featuring live music by Douglas Ewart and Ana Begej. Masked creatures, puppetry, and Butoh Dance evoked dreamlike scenes of a modern fairytale. Directed by Malia Burkhart. Co-sponsored by Pangea WorldTheater. This project was supported by Forecast Public Art with funding from The McKnight Foundation and audience donations.